Best 10 Fresh Rangoli designs for Diwali 2017

Do you know something special about Diwali except fireworks and eating sweets? Yes, you got it, hmm I am talking about Special Rangoli Designs for Diwali 2017. Here we have some selected best Rangoli Design for Deepawali(Rangoli Wallpaper/images). Add meaning and depth to your celebrations by just a few life tweaks. Make Diwali 2017 special. There are many ways you can make it’s special.Go shopping. Give yourself and your home a new look.Light up your home.Dedicate this Diwali to your family. Don’t drink and drive. Try something new. Even if you have never cooked, try a dish.

Diwali celebrations may last for up to five days.Electric lights, small oil lamps made of clay and flames are the key things in Diwali Celebration.

Best 10 Fresh Rangoli designs for Diwali 2017

Peacock Rangoli design Blue-green Red
Peacock Rangoli design Blue-green Red

Throughout the country, people light diyas to dispel the darkness and light up their homes and their hearts. Rangolis, diyas and candles. It’s the perfect time to let your inner artist out.

2. Check out this one, WOW BEAUTIFUL!! This design has all major colors and diyas are giving it more stunning look.

Rangoli design candles

  • This one is for the front door, main entry area of our house.

If you don’t want to use colours than use flowers. This one is designed with red and white flower petals.

Another Rangoli Design with red, Yellow and orange flowers. Make sure you place candles or diyas around your rangoli. See how nice it look. fresh rangoli design

New Rangoli Design with colours and diyas.

This one is my personal favourite among these. It’s Diwali Flower Rangoli Patterns designed with few flowers which we can get easily.

Diwali Rangoli pattern

I love this design but did placement is not so fine. There are stairs, so high probability of stepping on it.Latest Rangoli design Diwali for floor For this Deepawali Rangoli Design, you only need a flower pot, a peacock feather, few flowers(different colors) and fancy candles.Rangoli design with flower for diwali

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